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If Ryan Adams was having drinks with Counting Crows, resurrected Johnny Cash, and kidnapped Paul Simon on the way to jam with Bruce Springsteen at The Stone Pony, you might start to get what Rick Krueger is all about...sort of.


After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, and introducing himself to the world as a singer/songwriter in 2003, Rick worked the New Jersey coffeehouse circuit for just over two years before he released his first album, “Looking Back at Moving On,” in August 2005, and did some light touring to support its release in the year following.  In a chance meeting one night at a local bar where he was hosting an Open Mic Night, Rick decided to take a break from his solo efforts, and took on the role of lead guitarist for the acoustic rock band, Tom Vella and the Wayside (TVW).  In 2008, TVW released “Halos & Pitchforks,” their highly successful and critically acclaimed first album, on which Rick played all of the lead and slide guitar, and remained a strong force in the northern New Jersey independent music scene until 2010 when they went their separate ways.  


After a hiatus from music to focus on his passion for fashion and glamour photography, Rick returned to his roots with an acoustic guitar and microphone in October 2015.  With a very short runway, Rick’s revived career in music has taken flight and helped him quickly become a mainstay for entertainment in some of northern New Jersey’s most popular spots.  With a fresh set of emotions, life experiences, and a drive unlike he’s ever felt, Rick is working to make his move on the industry.  


His 2017 release, Paper Heart, is a collection of songs to which everyone can relate, built on heartfelt lyrics steeped in tradition that speak of real life honestly, in a bold, unapologetic, and eloquent way.

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by Rick Krueger